Territory: vineyard and passion

"We have always believed that to make an extraordinary sparkling wine is necessary to start with excellent grapes which can mature in ideal climatic conditions and ideal terroir."

Il territorio

A tropical sea, a little more than an atoll on the surface. Suddenly the explosions occur. Fish, different organisms, corals deposit at the bottom of the sea. The volcanic eruptions start. Pangea, the one and only big Earth splits up, the waters drift away and the continental land masses emerge from the abysses. A long time ago, 300 million years ago. Dark, gloomy and bleak mountains rise to the surface. After that the last Ice Age, 10 million years ago, and with it the wind, the cold weather and the water shape the territory. The atoll of the ancient times turns into the Carega Mountain chain. The sediments are brought to life again, we find the fish in Chiampo, in Bolca, we find the shells in the hills. This is Lessinia.
The vineyards of our hill are on the most extreme outcropping of this territory.

The soil and the climate

Il terreno ed il clima

The soil is mainly characterized by the presence of a substratum of carbonate sediments of the Mesozoic era, with volcanic basic sediments of the Cretaceous and of the Miocene, alternated with marine deposits of the Cenozoic.The vineyards on our hillside lie on soils that have evolved on carbonate rocks with argillaceous deposits. They have an average texture but are very stony, with a moderate alkaline reaction, a high cation exchange capacity and a good drainage of meteoric water.

The climate is perfect for vines in the vegetative phase owing to the heat and sunlight, alternated with cool and ventilated nights due to the altitude and especially to the currents of fresh air descending along the Agno river valley from the slopes of the Dolomites, which are only a few kilometres away.

The vineyards and Bellaguardia winery

I vigneti e l'azienda agricola

The vineyards on the slopes with the greatest gradients are about six hectares and are grown on banks or terraces, which may have a difference in level of as much as three metres between one terrace and another; the vine training method is Trentino pergola.
The ancient writers already recommended this vine training method for the northern regions, because it allows the leaves to capture the biggest quantity of light and at the same time it keeps the white grapes in a half-light which otherwise would be "burnt" by the sun. We have to keep in mind that the vineyards are south-facing and they are exposed to the sunlight the whole day.
The remaining six hectares with a slight gradient, with southwestern and southeastern exposure, are trained with Guyot method.

Bellaguardia winery adopts sustainable farming systems or an integrated system of agricultural production with low environmental impact, keeping the fertility of the soil by using organic fertilizers. The yield of grapes per hectare is limited, aimed to obtain a healthy and chemical residue-free wine.